Problems in K-12 education are incredibly complex — multiple factors are changing at the same time, there are long delays between actions and outcomes, and there are multiple stakeholders with different goals. CBSD is an effective method to engage with this complexity in a way that amplifies the perspectives of those most impacted by the problem, and to build shared language and vision among diverse stakeholder groups.

Changing Systems is a multi-year, multi-stakeholder effort to foster a community of practice of students and educators using system dynamics to address equity issues in their schools and communities. The SSDL collaborates with local students, educators, school districts and community organizations to build capabilities in systems thinking in K-12 education.


Through an annual training cohort and individualized coaching, the SSDL engages K-12 educators in using system dynamics methods to explore the role of educator decisions and actions in the systems producing regional education inequities; to inform the design of educational programs and policies; and to facilitate student learning and engagement.


The SSDL collaborates with district leadership, multi-stakeholder advocacy groups, and non-profit organizations to design and facilitate participatory system dynamics projects, with the purpose of developing sustainable and equitable programs and policies.

K-12 Education Projects

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