Systems Thinking for Educational Equity Partnership (STEEP)

Educators from across the St. Louis region use systems thinking to examine racial disparities in educational outcomes.

What makes cities healthy, equitable and environmentally sustainable?

The Dornsife School of Public Health at Drexel University and partners throughout Latin America and in the United States are working together to study how urban environments and urban policies impact the health of city residents.

Social and Ecological Approach to Livelihoods

The Foundation for Ecological Security and the SSDL are exploring the interdependences between ecological and social resources in generating sustainable livelihoods.

Our mission ​is to develop the science and application of system dynamics in human services and communities.

The Social System Design Lab (SSDL) pursues its mission through research, community engagement, and teaching with a commitment to evidence based practice, social justice, and capacity building.

We offer courses in community based system dynamics, workshops, internships and a MSW specialization.

We use system dynamics computer modeling, simulations, and group model building in our research. 

We partner with organizations around the globe to facilitate group model building workshops on a wide range of issues.