There are multiple opportunities to learn more about system dynamics modeling and CBSD approaches.  Below is a listing of upcoming opportunities. This list will be updated as new opportunities become available.

System Science for Social Impact (SSSI) 2022 Summer Training Institute

Dates: July 25-29, 2022

Focus: At this 5-day Summer Training Institute, participants get a hands-on introduction to systems science methods that enhance the social impact of health and social science research. This in-depth training institute will focus on four major systems science methods: Agent-based ModelingGroup Model Building (led by Ellis Ballard and Kelsey Werner), Social Network AnalysisSystem Dynamics (Led by Kristen Hassmiller Lich and Nasim Sabounchi) and Systems Thinking. Participants will review the major concepts of their chosen track/method, learn analytic best practices, and apply the methods to real-world data. The workshops are designed for faculty, advanced graduate students, recent graduates, and professionals from public health, social work, and social sciences.

Location: St. Louis, MO, USA


International System Dynamics Conference (ISDC) 2022 Summer School

Dates: July 5-8, 2022

Focus: Held the week before the annual conference, Summer School provides a unique opportunity to learn (or review) System Dynamics while getting exposure to real-world applications of the method. Seasoned instructors and teaching assistants provide in-depth instruction in this intensive course covering all aspects of System Dynamics simulation modeling. Both introductory and intermediate tracks are available to suit different learning levels.

Location: Virtual


International System Dynamics Conference (ISDC) 2022 Student Organized Colloquium

Dates: July 18, 2022

Focus: The Student-organized Colloquium is a free, one-day event organized by the Student Chapter of the System Dynamics Society held on the first day of the ISDC. The Student-organized Colloquium promotes dialogue among system dynamicists of varying fields, levels of training, and backgrounds and creates spaces to have meaningful conversations about the topics that we all care about so that everyone can share and receive feedback to improve their work.

Location: Frankfurt, Germany & Virtual


2022 Participatory Modeling Field School

Dates: August 15-18, 2022

Focus: Hosted by Michigan State University’s Innovations in Collaborative Modeling Group, the Participatory Modeling Field School features three and a half days of keynote addresses by leaders in the participatory modeling field and hands-on workshops on qualitative, semi-quantitative, and quantitative participatory modeling (PM) methods. Workshops are facilitated by faculty and community partners with extensive experience in community-based research and PM.

Location: Detroit, Michigan, USA