We benefit from a rich ecosystem of practitioners, researchers, and educators applying system dynamics from multiple traditions, and approaches.  

Here are some resources to get oriented:

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Creative Learning Exchange

Creative Learning Exchange works to develop Systems Citizens in K-12 education who use systems thinking and system dynamics

isee Exchange

isee Exchange is a repository of system dynamics content created by Stella® users around the world.

Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System

Introductory reading by Donella Meadows on system leverage and system interventions. Hosted by The Donella Meadows Project.


Scriptapedia is a resource for sharing and adapting structured group model building “scripts”

System Dynamics Society

The System Dynamics Society is an international, nonprofit organization devoted to encouraging the development and use of System Dynamics and systems thinking around the world. The Society provides a forum in which researchers, educators, students, consultants and practitioners in the academic, corporate and public sectors interact to keep abreast of current developments, build on each other’s work and introduce newcomers to the field.

Systems and Us

A blog dedicated to exploring systems, system archetypes, and complexity in the world around us.

The Systems Thinker

A repository of blog posts and articles written by leaders in the field of systems thinking. The Systems Thinker works to catalyze effective change by expanding the use of systems approaches. All articles are available free of charge.


Vensim is software developed by Ventana Systems that supports both qualitative and quantitative system dynamics modeling. It is available commercially and as a free “Personal Learning Edition”.

Waters Center for Systems Thinking

Provides practical and accessible tools, resources, and strategies to build systems thinking capacity in classrooms, school districts, businesses, and organizations.


The blog of the System Dynamics Society.