Changing Systems 2016: Gun Violence

The second annual Changing Systems Student Summit tackled the issue of gun violence in St. Louis in response to Washington University’s yearlong initiative “Gun Violence: A Public Crisis.”

This event was designed, led, and facilitated by youth with training in systems thinking/system dynamics, including students who had previously participated in group model building workshops, internships with the Brown School’s Social System Design Lab, and the Changing Systems Student Summit on Structural Racism.

This four day summit had youth interns as group facilitators engaging in community-based system dynamics, asking their peers to help develop their view of the structure that leads to gun violence in their communities. Participants highlighted problems such as fear, retaliation, bullying, and lack of resources.

At the conclusion of the summit, youth presented Calls to Action including issues regarding safety in communities, educational opportunities, the neighborhood environment, media, and gun safety mechanisms.


Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis

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