Michael Savage

SSDL Intern

Michael Savage is a graduating senior right out of Ritenour High School in Saint Louis. He graduated with a 3.8 GPA while taking classes offered through local universities as well as advanced placement courses. Michael plays cello and guitar, and loves music more than anything. He plans to go to Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to major in economics and minor in government. He is hoping to go into the field of law, business, or social work. Michael intends to reform systems of disenfranchisement. He has won the “Princeton University prize in Race Relations” after his work at Washington University in Saint Louis, where he worked as an intern for the Social System Design Lab. His work for the SSDL focused on creating a three day youth race summit to discuss solutions to the complex racial problems in today’s society, especially those brought to the forefront of media attention following the shooting of Mike Brown. All of this correlates to his work with his high school’s Social Justice Club which has partnered with “Gateway2Change.” Michael loves everyone he meets, and loves to relate to others. He attended Camp Snowball, a worldwide systems thinking event, during the previous year, and he plans to do so again this year.