What Factors can Strengthen Student-Teacher Relationships?

Student Project

In partnership with Ritenour High School, a team of students utilized CBSD to understand the nature of student-teacher relationship formation. Ritenour High School, with a history of engaging in CBSD, sought to create an advisory group to help improve the factors affecting the development of positive student-teacher relationships. Through employing CBSD in this project, students, teachers and administration were able to come together over two days to create causal loop diagrams that illustrated the mechanisms that give rise to current relationships formation in the school. This process also yielded a synthesized model from which the participants were able to identify potential areas for intervention and they developed actionable ideas and areas of consideration for the structure and content of the developing advisory group.

Project Lead

CBSD students:

  • Whitney Bunts
  • Melanie Houston
  • Tracy Luan
  • Allie Simpson


February–May 2017


St. Louis, MO, USA

Project Partners

Ritenour High School:

Tavonda Palmer

Project Goals

  • Identify the factors that influence the development of positive student-teacher relationships at Ritenour High School
  • Understand the dynamics of the formation of mentorship relationships to help inform the structure and content of a student advisory group.