Together for Healthy and Successful Schools

As part of Health Equity Works’ leadership in expanding use of the “Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child” (WSCC) model in schools, the group partnered with the SSDL to work towards the creation of a “toolkit” that will help school leaders implement health-related school support. The findings will help to operationalize the broad framework provided by WSCC in order to build coherence, understanding, and buy-in around a local interpretation of the WSCC model to inform policy change. The SSDL, in partnership with Health Equity Works, designed group model building sessions to engage stakeholder groups from SLPS and Normandy School District. Causal mapping was initiated to understand the structure that promotes or inhibits health and well-being in schools, and then system design workshops were utilized to envision a set of interventions or alternate structures to inform the implementation of WSCC model.

Project Lead

Jason Purnell (PI)

Ellis Ballard


St. Louis, MO, USA

Project Goals

  • Learn about the underlying social system factors that determine healthy school environments
  • Develop a causal map focused on the interconnections between these factors that promote healthy and successful schools
  • Identify changes, policies, and innovations that can be implemented in schools based on this map


Healthy Schools Toolkit