How can Student Support Services be Expanded in High Schools?

Student Project

Students from the Brown School’s CBSD class worked with TLBF to gain understanding of the needs to have a successful expansion of their program into high schools. TLBF, which historically provided services for elementary and middle school aged children, sought to understand the systemic challenges that may be presented working with a new target audience. Three workshops were held with different stakeholders including: high school students, adult allies currently working on campuses where TLBF is offered and TLBF staff. A causal loop diagram was created describing a system that reflected the experiences of the multiple stakeholders. This informal model was used by the TLBF staff to identify potential areas of impact to enhance and change the perception of their program, including short-term and long-term goals as they work towards their expansion.

CBSD Student Team

  • Daniel Gerdes
  • Roxy Isaguirre
  • Constance Siu
  • Lexie Walsh
  • Koko Zhou

Course Instructors

  • Ellis Ballard
  • Erin Stringfellow

Project Partners

The Little Bit Foundation: Alex Goodfellow

Project Timeline

Spring 2017


St. Louis, MO, USA

Project Goals

  • Understand the factors that influence the perception of TLBF for their targeted population.
  • Identify potential interventions that can improve the perception of TLBF among high school students, its targeted expansion population.