Sarah R. Pritchard, MPH, MSW

Adjunct Instructor; SSDL Affiliate

Sarah Pritchard is the Research Manager at WashU’s Implementation Science Center for Cancer Control. Her research and practice focuses on using community based system dynamics for violence prevention, ally engagement, and conflict resolution. Sarah has a Master’s in Public Health and a Master’s in Social Work from the Brown School, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from Smith College. She has designed and led multiple community based system dynamics workshops related to relationship and sexual violence, including work with several communities in Australia on family violence prevention, efforts to create opportunities to develop skills for being a more effective ally on topics of diversity and inclusion, and piloted work on ways to address toxic masculinity using system dynamics. Prior to Washington University, Sarah worked in survivor advocacy, community development, fundraising, teaching, and bookselling. Her interests include empowerment self-defense, dogs, puns, and cross-country road trips.