Michael Savage

College Mentor

Michael Savage is a rising college sophomore guitarist and cellist studying at Franklin & Marshall College with a focus on Public Policy & Philosophy. He is contemplating fields of law, business, or social work, hoping to leverage sorts of advocacy for new ideas which address sorts of inequities with solutions. He is involved with the LEDA Career Institute, works at the Office of Admissions at his college, and is a previous receiver of the Princeton University Prize in Race Relations. Beyond this, he emerged from Ritenour’s High School’s Social Justice Club as a founding member to engage in the pilot 2015 Race summit & 2016 Gun Summit, which allowed him to be brought back on as a mentor intern for the 2017 Summit on Youth Homeless. This couples with his work with a Systems Dynamics camp, called “Camp Snowball” in which he participated in previous years, as he now moves on to help facilitate F&M’s College Prep 7.0 in July.