Systems thinking informed policy dialogue on maternal health

The Social System Design Lab collaborated with the Inter-American Development Bank SaludMesoamerica Initiative Coordinating Unit to host a 2-day policy dialogue workshop withrepresentatives of the Ministry of Health of the Government of Honduras and other stakeholders from the health sector in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. This workshop  built on previous collaborations to produce a maternal and neonatal health strategic simulation model. It focused on illuminating “black boxes” in the model and identifying concrete, actionable interventions to inform the drafting of a maternal health policy for Honduras. 

Project Team

Ellis Ballard

Jenny Nelson

Diego Rios Zertuche

Wolfgang Munar


March 2017


Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Project Partners

Inter-American Development Bank

Government of Honduras Ministry of Health

Salud Mesoamerica Initiative


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Project Goals

  • Establish a list of fundamental principles that will guide the MNH policy
  • Identify new policy interventions and innovations