Washington University

June 25-28, 2018

Community Based System Dynamics (CBSD) is a participatory method for engaging and working with communities and organizations developed from group model building and system dynamics. CBSD is used in research and practice to engage diverse communities & organizations on a variety of issues from K-12 education, homelessness, racism, and mental health to cancer prevention and survivorship, health care reform, quality improvement, and obesity/malnutrition.

This 4-day institute led by Ellis Ballard, MSW, MPH and Peter Hovmand, PhD, MSW provides a unique opportunity to get a formal introduction to CBSD, observe CBSD in action with the parallel Changing Systems: Student Summit on Educational Equity, and an opportunity to present & get feedback on CBSD project designs.

Participants will gain:

Knowledge of basic practices in CBSD

Skills on identifying and selecting issues for CBSD, framing a problem from a SD perspective

Guidance on project design and how to frame CBSD within grant proposals

No prior training or experience in group facilitation, group model building, or system dynamics is required. However, participants currently working with or planning work with groups (e.g., classes, community meetings, focus groups, and workgroups) will find the content more relevant. Space is limited so CBSD Institute participants will be selected based on applications.