Ayzena Norman

SSDL Fellow

Ayzena Sarah Norman is an intern at Washington University Social System Design Lab at the Brown School in St. Louis. She works with a team of her colleagues to learn about systems thinking and system dynamics activities. During the internship, last year, she developed many relationships, and assisted in planning last year’s summit on youth homelessness. Ayzena attends Jennings Senior High School, where she will graduate with the class of 2019 and currently serves as a member of Jennings’ student council and a College Ambassador. This year Ayzena has participated in the 2017 MASC district convention and the 2018 district convention. This year she has decided to play the role of photographer and grasp the moments of the school year where as be in them. Outside of School Groups Ayzena has participated in several fashion shows & photo shoots that not only promote brands but spreads awareness for things going on in St Louis. Ayzena loves to participate in school and community events, and she appreciates taking part in activities that will make a difference in her community. She enjoys being a leader and having a positive influence on others. Ayzena connects with her peers by leading group activities that promote connections and encourage diversity.