My brother’s name is Michael Brown and he was killed by gun violence because of police brutality on August 9, 2014. It is a part of my story that has really shaped me but it does not define me.

My brother was killed by gun violence. He was this caring, loving, smart, 6’5″ guy who was adored by many. But to me, he was my best friend, protector, and superhero, and most importantly, he was my big brother.

I was persuaded and convinced to come to the summit by my principal, Dr. Key, and assistant principal, Dr. Simpson. They thought it would be good for me, and it was.

So far, System Dynamics has helped me better understand gun violence. I learned that violence comes from many different factors, not just from those that directly relate to the people who have experienced violence or have seen it. There’s more to it. It’s complex and it won’t stop overnight. But, it’s also taught me that sharing stories can help.

I hope by sharing my story, it may impact your life so that you can understand what happens in different communities.